YOUR Terms and Conditions

NOTE: While this property is listed and reserved through Georgia Cabins For You, LLC, property maintenance and reservations are managed by the individual owner.

Alabama CFY, LLC is only acting as an advertising, reservation, and booking agent for the owner of the property you’re renting. Alabama CFY, LLC has no ownership interest in said property, nor does it act in any managerial capacity for the property or its owner. Alabama CFY, LLC makes no guarantee or warranty as to the condition of the property referenced herein, including general condition, amenity availability, cleanliness or safety-related items. These are solely the responsibility of the property owner. Any claims regarding these or other issues you encounter should be taken up with the owner for resolution.

You as the registered guest along with all members in your party, regardless of the length of your/their stay, hereby hold Vacations for You, LLC or any of its subsidiary companies including, Cabins For You, LLC, Pigeon Forge, TN Cabins, Chalet Village by Cabins For You, Georgia Cabins For You, LLC, Florida CFY, LLC, Alabama CFY, LLC, A Blue Ridge Vacation, or Mountain Vista Rentals, forever harmless for any mishaps which might occur in or around the property you’ve rented for the duration of your reservation/stay period. Such mishaps include but are not limited to, property damage, property theft, personal injury/death, trip interruption (natural or man-made), pest related, or any other circumstance which would otherwise negatively impact your stay.